Friday, December 15, 2017

Traveling is no fun but after one day in Provence, everything is marvelous.

Our vacation rental is very cozy

This Christmas we decided on spending time in Provence, south of France. Hubby has been working 10 weeks in Vietnam and we thought it would be nice to experience Provence at its worst time of the year. As a follower you know we're planning retirement dept free away from the big city hustle of Houston. So far we've explored Hot Springs, Arkansas but our dream is Provence. We've spent 5 vacations in Provence but only from April until end of June. It's the best time of the year without doubt. Living here in the winter cold with the brutal wind called Mistral and cold weather close to freezing would be a different experience.

After10 weeks in Vietnam, Hubby spent 10 days working in Houston, making a commute of 3 hours a day taking the high occupant lane to uptown paying extra toll for a fast commute. It is no fun. We'd like to spend quality time together but there is no chance of that working in a big city like Houston.

Traveling is no fun. After 30 hours commute from Vietnam to Houston and working non stop, it's no fun having to fly 8 hrs to Paris and then another 1 hrs trip to Marseille. Without doubt the plane was delayed and arrived to a rainy foggy Paris with 1 degree celsius. Our next leg was also delayed so we arrived Marseille about 1hr later than expected and 1 suitcase missing. But arriving Marseille was a dramatic contrast to Paris. The sun was shining and with 10 degrees celcius it felt really nice.

Driving our leased Citroen to our rental home through the known terrain was a breeze. This year there has been a severe drought in Provence with wildfires as a result. But after 2 periods of rain the nature has rebound. It's amazing how the nature rebounds if you grow crops adapted to its environment. Some snow-covered distant mountaintops made a difference driving from Marseille up to Saint-Remy-de Provence. The river Durance had normal water level and with the sunshine, we felt like home again.

Our rental home for the past 3 summers was sold this year so we have found another, much smaller place in Saint-Entienne-de Gres, north of the Alpilles in the gold triangle of Provence. This is an older renovated home with a mix of moderen and old decor where the kitchen takes the center stage. So far we've spent one day here and had some time settling into the place. This little village has just been a passthrough on our last 5 visits so we didn't expect much.

Strolling the streets, visiting the small shops makes the village grow on us. The local bakery has to be good in order to survive and is proudly using only French wheat. The shops are always displaying their beautiful daily made pastries and own made chocolates sold by the pound. The florist is passionate about her job and has been decorating one of the local old castles and vineyards earlier in the day. When we bring our own flowerpots she automatically knows how to make them beautiful and does it in a few minutes. She invited us to come this weekend for the special event in town where she would show customers appreciation.

The floral shops in Europe is like a candy store for me. I wish I could buy everything. 
With a few potted plants and some candles, the rental home is transformed into a warm and welcoming place to spend a few weeks. In a few hours we've made it cozy.

With the orchid on the kitchen island, we feel instant warmth. 
A 5 minutes car drive takes us to our favorite vineyard Chateau d'Estoublon. It's been fully renovated and the castle is used for special events and can be rented for those that would need a castle. But the vineyard makes excellent wines and grows olives making some of the best olive oil in the world. A small and very exclusive collection of olives and oils. The store is open year round and their restaurant is open for lunch daily. We had to get some wine and olives to nibble on.

Local preserves made with minimum 65% fruits and still has fruit meat in it. 

Olive oil from Chateau d'Estoublon.
Provence is still beautiful in December
The chateau looks amazing after renovation
The wine and gift shop at the chateau.

A few cases of wine, wine openers, apron, olives and tapenade will get us ready for a great stay. 
Conveniently all this shopping just took us 1 hour because everything was just a short stroll and 5 minutes drive away. This is what we're hoping to be our future lifestyle. Living in a small village where you just walk to the store or drive to a chateau for some wine. Sounds fancy and relaxing compared to the commute in Houston. Everywhere people are nice to us and all the stores are so nicely decorated. I'll keep you posted on how the next days are going. Make sure you relax and take time to enjoy life as it's meant to be; full of joy and happiness.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Reading books because they can change your life and your paradigm, a lifelong education.

How often do you re-read the same book? Reading is a natural part of my life and will always be of high importance to me. Just like using the body every day, it's important to make the brain work and expand beyond the physical. Writing this blog is part of my mental journey in life.

The passion for reading is something I learned late in life. I loved going to school, but never hungered for fiction novels. We had a reading curriculum but those books never appealed to me. The thirst of exploring literature wasn't there. I was only reading to make my grade so my independence was never found in books. Today I question if this is the purpose of education. Is this a way to broaden your horizon? Growing up I studied and tried to adjust my life according to the teaching of the Bible, an endless and impossible task. But it's a book worth reading many times over, and I still read it in English now, to get a deeper understanding of my second language. I find its values to be of great importance and keep it on my nightstand.

Today I love reading a good crime novel that describes the conflicts of society but more than that, I love reading about history and culture because I think that's the basic of our behavior today. We're all a result of the past and our culture. Moving from one part of the world to another makes me aware of the culture differences and how much it affects our daily life. If only more people could show respect for each other's differences and find it fascinating and interesting. Today I find myself a stranger in my home country, Norway, because I've lived so long in the USA and learned to see the world from a different angle. I can see the nuances in the two political and cultural systems but at the same time one loses touch with the details when one lives so far away for so long. The devil is always in the details.

Ken Follett's trilogy 

Kent Follet has written a trilogy describing the two world wars from the angle of the young generation growing up and experiencing both world wars and the time after. The story follows 5 families so you're able to see the history unfold from different angles; from two brothers in Russia, one family living in the US, one in England, another in Welsh and the last one in Germany. It is very interesting to read how these two wars changed the class system and the political map. In the aftermath of the wars we made great industrial inventions and improved civil rights, women's rights, liberation of blacks and the endless fight against communism, socialism, fascism and capitalism. Ken Follet is able to describe the situation from the different political point of view without judgment. I also find it fascinating to observe how these conflicts are still alive in our culture today.

More than anything I love to read and learn about our body and mind. I love to discover a part of us that is unknown to most of us, and how we can learn from our past and break free from the pattern of our paradigm. I first learned this when I got divorced from my first marriage. Spending time reflecting on what went wrong and why gave me a new platform to go forward. I found out who I am and where I wanted to go. Human nature will always seek boundlessly so this process will never end and must go on the whole life. We encounter different things in life so there will always be a need for adjustments. But before I could step into a new relationship I had to get rid of my old patterns and finding a soul mate in my second husband has been priceless.

One of the most valuable things I did was to read about transaction psychology. It made me see that my behavior followed a pattern that was learned in my childhood observing my parents and grandparents. They lived a classic role model with wives tending to their husbands and sacrificing some of their own desires. They did it of love but also because of a religious and society based role systems typical of post war era. Being a single mother wasn't new in my family, in that regards the women seemed very strong and independent. But reflecting on some incidents and transactions from my childhood made me aware of why I reacted a certain way and how my reactions affected my spouse. Most people living together form these patterns and never think about it. Most of us have different behaviors in different situations and most kids do this daily. They have one pattern at home, another in school, a third with friends and yet another with grandparents. Only when you become aware of this behavior can you change.

Changing is hard. I've learned that I only can change myself, not others. I knew I had to change to get a better life. I couldn't wait for circumstances to change. Needless to say, a divorce is stressful and the first problem for me was high blood pressure. Then of cause our daughter showed signs that are only natural when the family isn't peaceful. Everyone needs peace to thrive, and healing mentally and physically has to go hand in hand. So that is why it's so natural for me to read books like Inner Engineering, finding wellbeing and inner peace through meditation and Joyful Wisdom. These books are based on yoga as a tool to turn inward to find wellbeing and inner peace.

Human intellect is higher than ever before. History has shown us that we don't have to be suppressed and let other people think or make decisions on our behalf. People want solutions here. Yoga is a tool to turn inwards, not outwards or upwards; it's not a teaching, not based on a religious or political system. And it is not the fancy yoga that you'll see people twist their bodies in all directions like a circus artist. This is the yoga that makes your body function better, movement, digestion, mental and physical health. This is the yoga that makes you aware of that all life are special, no matter where you're born and respect the universe as a union and source of life. Taking care of the very universe that is created to support our life and that we have to give our life back to. In that regards it's no different than holistic living and healing, mind and body will always go hand in hand.

I am reading this book for the 4th time. 
People are searching for peace but there is no single path to get there. There are several ways to get there. Conscious people can create it within them selves. Traveling inwards opens up a potential within you. Stress, anxiety, and worries will affect your life, personality and ruin your clear thinking making it hard to make good decisions. It's hard to run your life or a business when you can't even run your own mind. We could all need a tool to deal with this situation.

Purifying is known to make things better. It's used in industry all the time. If you want to improve your live, the body and mind has to be purified. Is it then so strange to think that we should only feed our bodies clean and pure food? Yoga is about purifying the elements within you. Being healthy and esthetic is available to us. It's a technology to transform the body so it can handle life.

This book was recommended by my yoga instructor.

The healing of the body has a mental aspect to it. Most doctors and holistic practitioner will mention exercise and meditation as two key components of healing the body. Being able to get a good night sleep depends on your ability to let go of your thoughts. For some people that means keeping a journal of the days activities. Others like to read from the Bible and pray before going to sleep. Watching TV in bed or right before going to sleep is not advisable. In yoga class we spend some time winding down and trying to let go of the thoughts of the day. This can be hard to do, because the mind will always bring up thoughts. Yoga is transforming the thought process. When you find a distance between body and mind the perception of life will change.

This is life, this very moment is it, and how are we living it? We have more material goods and possessions than our parents could dream of. They grew up after the Second World War and were grateful for all the progress made to fulfill their dreams. The new generation has more education to think freely and make its own decisions based on what makes sense to us. Are we creating the life we want? Are we the happiest, most peaceful generation on the earth? Isn't that why the wars were fought? No, people can't live together anymore; even in our own presence we're in bad company and miserable. We're not inclusive but are living in isolation, a narrow space of life dulled with alcohol or drugs. We need an education that is inclusive so you can live together and understand other people. Reading is a big part of that for me. Education is spirituality, a mean to broaden your horizon. The longing to learn and live a better life, not forced to learn. Success is not depending on a degree, but of capability to learn. To be able to destroy everything you thought was true. Before we had to follow the path of our parents and follow the rules of the upper class in society. If you where born a lord you would be a lord, a coalminers kids would also become a coal miner. We want to teach our kids to use their brains because that is the future of this world, but it looks like people today don't know how to live the best life.

These books are giving me inspiration, joy and energy beyond what I would imagine possible. I feel like a kid again but powerful because I know my future is my making. All this power wasn't possible for the common man 100 years ago, before the First World War. Let's use this powerful tool, our supercomputer of a mind to be in charge of our lives. Don't let every day's worries kill the joy in your life. These books have taken me to a place I've never been before, a journey inside myself. Inspiring me to be a unique individual and not a keg in the wheel of society.

The human nature is naturally and continuous seeking. That makes our lives into enormous possibilities. We can be whatever we want. With a high level of awareness we can expand and get a larger slice of life. If we have no sense of expansion in us we'll feel stagnation. Going beyond the physical is an awakening and it makes you feel alive and know a deeper side of life with its potentials. We're longing to know something beyond the physical: a deeper understanding of life and a more profound way of living.

Monday, October 23, 2017

What is the right thing to do in life?

I got to spend the day with my daughter today, she took the day off from work and joined me for a round of golf. It makes me feel special, appreciated and loved. Of all the the things she could do on a day off she chose to spend it with me outside in the nature. And it was a gorgeous cool morning with magical sunrise revealing all the beautiful aspect of Houston nature with dew on the ground and the birds singing of joy. These are moments I treasure.

My daughter and I playing golf together this morning. 
The early morning dew and sunset is magical, feeling the connection with nature brings me energy.
I really appreciate the opportunity to spend time outdoors.
Lately I've written about living consciously and how we let our past guide our decisions. I've limited my expression to food and how it affect our health. But today I will share some of my thoughts about consciously working on the personality to become a better person. Some of you will call this spirituality.

I am not a fashion blogger or writing about how to get the best fitness body. For many looking good is more important. Looking good has its benefits, but is not important. Do you want to look good or be good and feel good about your self? Is your experience of life good?

We all identify ourselves with stupid things that limit ourselves. We set up a wall because we want to protect ourselves behind it. It feels safe. Soon we feel this wall is limiting our life and we want to move the wall, we want something more, expansion is the human nature. No matter what you have achieved, you always want a little more, we're seeking limitless. This society has its own value system and it's centered around materialism. Therefore we all want to achieve more material possessions. But there is another dimension in us that is spiritual and it's beyond materialism. We'd like to know the purpose in life and many of us are searching within a belief system such as religion, philosophy or politics.

Is it philosophy that you will die and that you are born with nothing? No it is a fact. So why are we working a lifetime to collect things we have to leave behind? These things that we gather belongs to us but it will not define us, make us special, better than others or someone to look up to. Whatever happens in between birth and death, you can make heaven out of it. But many of us are failing to do so. Many people put heaven to afterlife and say happiness will happen then.

For me heaven happens every day. I wake up in the morning and decides what needs to be done and I make it happen. Is there any other meaning of that day? No, no-one but you can decide what should be done that day or with your life. Is it written in any book what is best for your life? Is it destiny or do you have a free will to decide and take consequences of your decisions? Spirituality is empowerment. When you manage your mind and yourself well you will manage everything well. Turning inward you'll discover a whole new world. We're so busy looking outward - we forgot our own self. The best machine in the world.

It is special to be human. 
Every human being is special in its own way. So why do you have to try to be special? We all come from dirt and all we eat is also made from dirt. Every living creature is part of the universe and depending on the universe, we're all part of one union. To me the best thing we can do is to take care of this planet, to take care of our body and to make life better for everyone living around us no matter what the other people believe in. The whole world is populated by people that think they know everything and all the fight in the world is not between good and bad, but one man's belief versus another. It is time to say "I don't know'. We need a level of seeking for therein is a tremendous potential of enlightenment.

So when I walk my dog in the morning I notice the subtle things in nature and reflect on how it affects me and the planet. This time of the year I find so many signs of creation. But I think we're nature deficient and are missing out on the potential it has to offer us. Animals will notice the changes of nature long before us humans. But I love sitting under a tree listening to the birds, feeling the breeze, smelling the leaves and most of all looking up in the sky where the eyes have no boundaries. It makes me feel small, insignificant and humble like a kid. It makes me aware of the potential of seeking instead of dogmatically claiming to know. The universe is big and we're just a tiny spot, yet we think we're so special. This emotion is strong in me, like ecstasy. This is how I make heaven on earth every day. I hope you can relate. And if you have this feeling, you will never ask: what is the purpose of life? Living is the purpose. What else could be more significant than just living and experience the moment?
Snorre loves our walks in the park, I wish all dogs could get a long walk every day. Movement is so important for animals and humans. 
The sound of splashing water.  
Reflection of the morning sun in the lake.
The human mechanism is the most sophisticated gadget in the world but we're not paying attention to it. Our mind has a lot of potential but we're not utilizing it. The greatest happening right now is that you are alive so live your life to the fullest. Your life is your doing. It's your making. Your experience of life happens within you and must be determined by you. Both misery and ecstasy happens within you. Take instructions from you, your own body and mind. 

The ones suffering are becoming younger and younger, our kids are committing suicide. There must be something wrong with the society when 60% of the population is using drugs daily, even kids, and women over 40 are on antidepressants. It tells me that we're searching for happiness in the wrong place.

Sitting under a tree is good for you.

Nothing happens 100% like you want it. Are we not able to take pain? Are we treated like babies?
Why are we getting people into this situation? It's only natural that pain will come to the body. This culture must change. We used to be able to manage without all these drugs. Endorphin, a stress and pain fighting hormone will be released by exercise and running combined with vitamin D from the sunshine is beneficial for our mental health. I can't think of a better place to get sunshine, de-stress, meditate, work out or socialize than in nature.

This environment is so energizing in comparison to working in front of a machine or computer all day. 
New topsoil in the making. 
The seeds for next years life.
Only with devotion can you do something significant. An athlete will become fantastic if he puts devotion into hitting the ball. The same goes for a job or a hobby. It's easy to put devotion into something you love, like I love playing golf and find happiness in the moment of playing the game, being in nature and with people that I am comfortable with. Every moment can become joyful with some devotion and dedication. As I've explained before 70% of our health sufferings is due to lifestyle, so it's our own making. In todays society no-one is whipping us causing us pain and suffering except our selves. With some focus inward we can change our sufferings and misery. Even when you're separated from your loved ones, you can be happy, because happiness is not depending on others, but on your own experience.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Patterns of your past are guiding your decisions and mental barriers stops you from conscious living. Also when it comes to your diet.

The scariest part of changing our diet and going off all medications was to go against the advice given by health authorities, like the doctors, government recommended guidelines and being ridiculed by our family and friends. It's scary to brake with the accepted norms in society, particularly on health issues. When the doctor tells you that your illness is not curable and will only progress so you just have to find a way to live with it, it’s normal to accept the authorities. We’re locked into this belief system and if you try to find other solutions, people think you’re odd. You got to accept that it’s genetic and nothing you can do about it. Take the medicine and live with the side effects. 

The human nature is dual minded, on one hand we like to be safe, grounded and operate inside the boundaries we identify us with; status, religion, political view, family, culture and on the other hand we are striving for expansion. A painful body becomes a barrier preventing you from exploring the full potential in life. Interacting with nature and the things of nature, exposing our selves to a more natural lifestyle has been a new learning process. Everything we knew as a fact wasn't right. It feels like we are living in our own bobble. Your belief system sometimes holds you hostage but you can train yourself to see what's ahead on your chosen path and what choices still faces you from this place in time. It just takes some willingness and determination. The day you tell yourself:"I don't know what is right and what is wrong" you will break the boundaries set by society and start searching and discover a whole new world. You will be like a kid again and discover a new you. In fact you probably know more about the universe than you know your self. 

I've written a few posts about our new lifestyle and in my post of May 22 this year, I've never tried THAT before, so I think I should ..., I described most of our changes. I told you about the weight loss as a result of these changes and it seems to have inspired and interested a lot of you. Willingness to pay a little attention to the inner nature will transform your life in remarkable ways. To go against the laws of nature will never work; you got to work with it. Learning about the body has been so rewarding, it has changed our lives so it’s only natural for me to share it with you on this blog, just as I share my creativity at home. And this is a lot more meaningful than anything else I’ve done. Thank you for all the support. The most read and commented post of all times.

I know loosing weight permanently is hard, especially if you want to loose fat. It takes a lot of dedication and effort because you have to live your life consciously. So many things in life are done as a routine, automatically without any thoughts. In todays society we don't have a culture for listening to our bodies. We're always focused outward, on jobs, education, family, home, car, vacation, hobbies and activities. With this lifestyle eating also becomes something we do unconsciously. Sitting down at the table for breakfast or dinner as a family is uncommon these days. We're just grabbing something on the way, in the car or at the desk without thinking about what effect the food and this manner of eating has on our physical and mental health. Even when we know the food is bad for us, we feel like we need or deserve a treat. But by nature eating should be done consciously, we should give the best machine on earth the best nutrition, the animals have no problem doing this, and we are so much smarter. We should read the users manual and then listen to the body, how it works. Our bodies work and react differently and ignoring it or pushing it too far results in self inflicted illness. That's just how nature works and we are not above the laws in nature. 

Why are we not paying attention to our bodies? For once we take it for granted. A friend of the family is living with diabetes 1 and he would do just about anything to be able to have a fully functioning body. Who want’s a machine that isn’t working to it’s fully potential? One that is in for service all the time and can’t operate when you want it to? Being trapped in a body with these limits, he gets frustrated watching how other people are ruining their body with their lifestyle. I used to be one of them. I thought I was living healthy, following the government’s guidelines from the food pyramid, eating lots of fiber, grains and very little fat. Buying products approved by The American Heart Association and followed my doctor's advice about watching my cholesterol and restrict my salt consumption. But I’ve since learned that these guidelines are wrong. I’ve also learned that in 6 years of medical school, only 2 hours a set aside for nutrition. So what does the doctor know? He studied medicine, not nutrition. 

Following this food pyramid has led to large consumption of refined carbs, low fat meat and vegetable oils, resulting in a skyrocketing spike in obesity and heart disease. 
Learning about the digestive system I've found out how the different organs in the body works. What they need to function optimally and what makes them run sluggish. Just like the best machine or gadget in the world, it has its limits and needs. To my surprise, the doctors have been giving us the wrong advice and led us into a paradigm that is hard to break. I've learned that sugar and refined foods is the worst thing you can give the body. The most important thing in that regards is that it causes inflammation in the body leading to just about all the diseases you want to avoid. The sugar is processed in the liver, an organ that is meant to process fruits or sweets that you'd occasionally or seasonally would find in nature. But this way of eating is not normal anymore. The annual sugar consumption in USA was 4 lbs. in 1750 and by 1996 it was 160 lbs. per person per year. The global sugar consumption increases 2% per year. This doesn't include industrial sweeteners. The average person is consuming 1/3 lbs. of sugar a day. That is about 300% more than the amount that can trigger biochemical chaos. The body has no defense for this.

Daily recommendation of added sugar consumption from American Heart Association. It doesn't count for naturally sugars found in milk and fruits. Kids should eat the same amount as women, 25 grams. 
I make all my foods from scratch, so for the fun of it, I walked the grocery isles to find out what is considered heart healthy breakfasts, like cereals and granola bars. I was very surprised and it puzzles me that we're feeding our kids this stuff every morning. No wonder they have high energy and hard time focusing at school. Sweets, both natural and artificial, are addicting so it’s natural to get cravings during the day. A friend of mine can’t live without her daily Diet Coke. You need a lot of willpower to lose weight and become healthy on this kind of diet. I'd say it's impossible. Great for the food industry, they've got us hooked on sweets and they're using the cheapest sugars like high fructose corn syrup for higher profit margins. All this sugar is turned into fat by your body. The labels might be low fat, all natural, gluten free, no GMO but they’re still not healthy. Counting calories and fats is not going to work. Consuming 100 calories of sugars might be the same as eating 100 calories of broccoli, but no one got fat eating steamed broccoli. 
Pancake mix containing 6 g sugar before adding milk, syrup and banana. 
This maple syrup contains 30 g in a serving, close to the guidelines of a male. It contains cheap corn syrup, sugar as first ingredients.
This 100 % pure Maple syrup has no preservatives, but contains 53 g sugars in a serving, double of a kids or woman's recommended dose.
Second ingredient is sugar and forth is corn syrup, fifth is corn starch. The big heart tells you it may reduce the risk of heart disease. 

These Quaker bars might be low in calories, but they contain 9-12 g of sugar, half of your recommended doze. 
This high fiber cereal has 18 grams of sugar, hope your not adding milk because you'll exceed the daily recommended doze. 
I also looked at the "healthy" juice, I used to drink every morning and the "healthy" yogurts. In my case, I used to eat one yogurt with home made granola, berries or some banana served with a glass of orange juice. Even with this healthy breakfast, I couldn't fool my body to burn fat. It will only burn sugars the easiest fuel it can get and the overconsumption will be stored as unwanted fat. So far I've only covered breakfast, the first meal of the day, and the daily recommended doze is already eaten. AHA does warn about consuming more than recommended daily dose because it can result in overweight, heart disease and diabetes. 

!00 % apple juice has 28 g sugars in a serving, no sugar added. 
Heart healthy orange juice containing 24 g sugars and 27 g carbohydrate.

100% orange and non GMO certified used to be my daily morning drink. Containing 22 g sugars. Hubby had 2 glasses in the morning to make sure he got his healthy nutrients. 
Commercial yogurt containing lots of protein and little sugar, but 100 calories is not very filling for breakfast. If you drink the juice with it, you're still over daily limit. 
A very popular yogurt with 18 g of sugars 
Lactose free yogurt contains 18 g sugars.
After spending hundreds of hours watching YouTube videos and reading several books, blogs and articles about the digestive system and holistic health, there is no doubt in my mind that the sugars and toxin loads from chemicals in food, medicine and other stressors become too much for the body to process. The food industry, health industry, and big government are working together to make more profits and we’re paying a price. The food companies pays for this heart label on the packed food and recieve a discount for getting multiple products approved. The Center for Science in the Public Interest estimates that in 2002, the AHA received over $2 million from this program alone. In fact 20,1 percent of the revenue recorded by the American Heart Association comes from contributions from corporations and foundations. 

We’ve spent a lot of energy making our life as comfortable as we want it, but we don’t have wellbeing. You will only have wellbeing when you are fixed and that takes a journey within your own body and mind. That is why I ask you to listen to your body and find out what works for you. It will take a conscious approach to doing groceries and cooking. A part of my daily routine is to plan the dinner in the morning. I take out whatever proteins I have in the freezer so it’s thawed by dinnertime. It takes very little effort and saves me lots of money. Last minute grocery shopping doesn’t work for me. Just this little conscious action makes it so easy to stay healthy.

We all have choices and our ability to see them depends on our self-image. Our self image depends of a lot of factors like upbringing, culture, religion, norms in society and many, many, more. All those things will make you see the world though those lenses and the potential of your future lies within those frames. The level of nature I bring into my life and draw upon, how I interact with nature and the things of nature reflects how well I live as a physical being, a product of nature. So in my future I will continue my journey of healthy eating and exercising in a lesser stressful environment and less toxins from foods and surroundings.